Xenoblade chronicles x how to get mining probes?

Aletha Boehm asked a question: Xenoblade chronicles x how to get mining probes?
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❔ What do mining probes do in xenoblade chronicles x?

  • Mining Probes are types of Data Probes in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They improve productivity from a FrontierNav Site, increasing the amount of obtainable Miranium and allowing valuable resources to be extracted. The higher the probe's level, the greater the amount of Miranium obtained and the quantity of resources extracted.

❔ Xenoblade chronicles x how to get more mining probes?

For Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Wii U, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How do I get more mining probes?".

❔ Xenoblade chronicles x what are timed intervals for mining resources?

Home Originals Xenoblade Chronicles X Guide: ... Xenoblade Chronicles X Guide: Data Probes, Mining and sources of revenue. Those Skells can be damn ... letting you know if it's rich in resources, ...

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The Mining Probe icon. Mining Probes are types of Data Probes in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They improve productivity from a FrontierNav Site, increasing the amount of obtainable Miranium and allowing valuable resources to be extracted. The higher the probe's level, the greater the amount of Miranium obtained and the quantity of resources extracted.

What are Mining Probes? Once a Data Probe is placed, you can then place down a Mining Probe in its place. This specialized Probe will increase the production of Miranium.

When you plant a probe where those red beams of light come out of the ground, press the probe location and the Gamepad and look for the option to change probes.

Still have probably 20+ mine probe left unused. Most of the g6-7 are in the hardest areas of each continent, so top left for primordia, top left or just north in general for noctilum, bottom left and right most for oblivia, left too and right for sylvalum, and almost all of the last island forgot its name couldron methinks.

For Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Wii U, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Mining Probes".

Personally, I reserve Duplicator Probes for sites that have both mineable resources and Sightseeing spots, that way I can get the effects of a Mining and Research Probe on that one location. You can also get higher tier Storage Probes from completing the Collectopedia for a continent.

So I know there are 7 types of probes: Mining, Research, Battle, Storage, Booster, Duplicator. What I've found so far is that Mining probes are best gotten from quests (primarily, these seem to be my rewards) and salavging Mech field items, and that you can unlock Battle probes by doing a quest at or around chapter 9 completion (via a sidequest in the hangar).

Where do I find more X type probes? Mining and research probes are mainly found in chests with a Mechanical field skill requirement. Storage probes are obtained by story completion, completion of quests from an NPC named Kirsty, a few chests with a Mech requirement.

I'm using very similar one with also 165k storage and around 97k miranium tick by having pretty much all other mining probes 8-chained. You can probably break 100k miranium tick with a bit more effort and perhaps lowering storage cap. I ditched out all research probes since I'm credit-capped at 100mil (99,999,999 credits to be exact).

For Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Wii U, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "15,000 Credits in Single Return ... Putting mining probes will lower your revenue research probes will increase the revenue also if you are out of research probes i recommend finding more probes in other lands i would not recomend taking the mining ...

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